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5ta Edición

What is it?

Short film contest that allows young adults to show their feelings about issues of legality and encourage them to become participatory citizens to build a better world.

Promotes civic values and the fight against corruption through the awarding and diffusion of short films that motivate in a creative and innovative way respect for the law.


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Líderes Ciudadanos en Pro de la Cultura de la Legalidad A.C. (Citizen Leaders in Pro of Culture of Lawfulness A.C.) with the support of Berel and U-Calli, and with the purpose of promoting civil values and ending corruption, convokes young Iberoamerican adults interested in the production of short films, to create consciousness towards respecting the law by participating in a creative and innovative way in it’s 6th Contest HAZ CORTO CON LA CORRUPCIÓN



Young adults from Iberoamerican countries may participate with short films created between January of 2018 and the day this contest closes

Participants may present up to three short films in any of the following levels contemplated by the contest:

Level directed exclusively at middle school students from any private or public institution.
(The director of the short film must present their middle school transcript in the space solicited in the registry form).

Level directed exclusively at high school students from any private or public institution.
(The director of the short film must present their high school transcript in the space solicited in the registry form).

Level directed exclusively at college students from any private or public institution.
(The director of the short film must present their college transcript in the space solicited in the registry form).

Level directed at those who are unable to present their study transcript because over a year has passed since they were last enrolled in their educational preparation.

Level directed at participants who can present a transcript for outstanding performance in the audiovisual camp.
(The director of the short film must present a sample of their previous works to prove their trajectory. This must be uploaded in the space solicited in the registry form).
If the director participates in the professional level, he or she must add a link with a sample of one of their earlier works to prove their trajectory in the audiovisual camp: demo reel, any short film that has participated in a festival, or a gallery of their earlier audiovisual work.

*In case of interrupted studies, the participant must register in the level corresponding their last year of studies, contemplating up to one year of extension. The rest of the cases (over a year without studies) must register in the open level.

Participants may present short films in the following categories:


Imaginary characters and situations.


Expression of an aspect of reality that manages scientific, social and cultural themes throughout real situations.


Any technique such as traditional animation, Stop Motion, 2D, 3D.


Participating short films must include a theme that manages one or more of the following concepts:

Culture of Lawfulness: norms for coexistence, following norms and laws, collaborating with the government authorities and rejecting corrupt and illegal actions.

Community Commitment: citizen participation, denouncement, etc.

Tolerance: respect and inclusion towards those who think differently in terms of politics, religion, ideology, etc.

Social Problems and Solution Proposals: bullying, gangs, crisis of family values, addictions, etc.

Civic Values: honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, justice, generosity, good citizenship, urbanity, friendly treatment, consideration towards others, courtesy, etc.

Remember that

Corruption is defined as: “Altering and changing something’s form. To waste, deprave, damage, rot. To bribe someone with gifts or in another way” (RAE, 2016).
Corruption occurs in many sectors of society and in all its levels: in school, at work, in the government or public sector, between businesses or private sectors, even in sports. Denouncing a corrupt action, illustrating the consequences of corruption, but above all proposing solutions are all good themes for developing a short film. Likewise, highlighting civic values such as respect towards others, ending discrimination and bullying, and reporting if you are a witness of abuse, are themes that may be useful. Take into considerations current news and situations. This may help create a story with impact.

Restrictions and Formats

Participating short films must be unpublished and must not be shared before the publication of this contest. Apart from public projections, this implies not sharing them on social media.

Works created in a language other than Spanish must be submitted with subtitles in Spanish.

For every category, the maximum duration for participating short films is six minutes. Credits must be included during these six minutes. The minimum duration is 60 seconds, in which credits must be included and last no longer than 4 seconds.

Short films must be recorded with a Full HD minimum resolution (1080p), ideally in 2k, in 1.8 or 2.39 aspect ratio and with a 23.98 or 24 fps frame rate. The audio track in stereo .wav to 24fps.

By obeying the solicited format, the short films may be recorded with equipment varying from smartphones to professional cameras.



The director of the short film is the person responsible for registering for the contest. In case his or her short film is selected winner, the prize will be granted in the director’s name.

Directors who were selected winners in the immediate contest previous to this contest will not be able to participate.

1 Participants must register online in the webpage and provide a YouTube link with the participating short film, as well as a link to Dropbox or Google Drive to download the original archive (.mov or .mp4). This is for the jury’s evaluation, in Líderes Ciudadanos’ KAMBES platform (

When uploading to YouTube, the title must be “Haz Corto con la Corrupción 2018” followed by the short film’s title, in CAPITAL LETTERS. For example: “Haz Corto con la Corrupción 2018 MY SHORT FILM”.

When uploading to YouTube, it is important to select the option UNLISTED, in Privacy Settings. Do not selection the option PRIVATE, since the jury will not be able to see it. Do not select PUBLIC, since it must not be available on the Internet.

Privacidad- Oculto

2 The director must answer a brief survey to complete their registry. The link will be sent vía email. If the survey is not answered, the inscription will not be considered finalized.

The participants agree to yielding the non-exclusive rights of the audiovisual materials submitted in this contest to Líderes Ciudadanos en Pro de la Cultura de la Legalidad A.C.

This yielding will become effective once the audiovisual piece is completed, and will be used primarily yet not exclusively for diffusion purposes in cultural circuits, educative digital platforms, teaching, promotion, and diffusion of Culture of Lawfulness. In the Mexican Republic territory and the rest of the world in digital support format.

The bases for the contest are accepted once the director registers the short film.


In accordance to the matter’s legislation, the short film’s artistic elements such as soundtrack, script and characters, among others, must be original. If any artistic element is not original, the person responsible for the short film will have to count on the acquisition of the corresponding rights.


Plagiarism is presented in two situations:
a) An unauthorized reproduction, or
b) Incorporating content of one work inside another, attributing a creation that is not their own.

The participants in this contest will be the only people responsible for the short film’s copyright, liberating Líderes Ciudadanos A.C. and its collaborating organizations from any claim derived from this topic.

6th Edition Awards

The following prizes will be awarded:






Special awards

Best Short Documentary

Best Short Animated Film

Most Liked on Facebook
Special award for the most liked on Facebook (Líderes Ciudadanos), in any of the levels

The finalist films will be published in the Facebook Page: Líderes Ciudadanos one week before the award ceremony. This way, they may receive votes for the Most Liked on Facebook special award.

Recognition of schools
We recognize schools that participate in the diffusion of Culture of Lawfulness, and will deliver two special prizes, in kind and by education level, to the schools with highest amount of participating short films in this edition.

The prize will be announced in the Facebook page: Líderes Ciudadanos.

Honorable Mention

The jury will deliver honorable mentions to short films with:

  • Best Script
  • Best Interpretation
  • Best Original Soundtrack
  • Best Edition
  • Best Photography

The winning films will form part of “Haz Corto contra la Corrupción” Sixth Circle, which will be projected in distinct universities, national and international cinema festivals, cultural forums, local cinemas and virtual media, among others.


A qualified jury will be appointed by professionals and people with recognized trajectory in the cinematographic ambit and in the topic of Culture of Lawfulness.

The jury will evaluate two aspects:

  • The short film’s message: must be creative, positive, cause an impact, and correspond to the proposed topics.
  • Technical values: script, performance, acting, cinematography, sound, edition, and narrative structure.

The jury’s decisions are unappealable and may declare any level invalid in case the proposals lack quality and content.

The organizing committee will resolve unforeseen cases.



Desde cabina Desde cabina
Sinhué Fernando Benavides
Only award
Best Interpretation
Best Script
Ay mamá los de la luz... y yo colgado Ay mamá los de la luz... y yo colgado
José Antonio Macías Pérez
Best Photography
En un mundo paralelo En un mundo paralelo
Mario Genel
Honorable Mention
Hipnosis Hipnosis
Alejandro B. Balzaretti
Honorable Mention
Dos Segundos Dos Segundos
Rodrigo Beltrán Soria
Best Short Animated Film


El silencio El silencio
Andrea Nathaly Camacho Morales
1st place
Best Female Interpretation
¡Monstruos! ¡Monstruos!
Patricio Alberto Chávez Martínez
2nd place
Most Liked on Facebook
Superhéroe Superhéroe
Sebastián Plasencia Gutiérrez
Best Cineminuto
Miedo Miedo
Alain Uriarte Beltrán
Best Edition
Nunca Desaparecer Nunca Desaparecer
Maleny Adriana García López
Honorable Mention
Héroe Héroe
Vladimir Valles González
Honorable Mention
Entre la puerta y yo‬ Entre la puerta y yo‬
Diego José Guzmán González
Honorable Mention

High School

El Cambio El Cambio
Sara Amador Ramos
1st place
Igual que tu Igual que tu
José Iván Hernández Novelo
2nd place
El Miedo Corrompe El Miedo Corrompe
Hegar José García Rodríguez
Honorable Mention

Middle School

Pesadilla Pesadilla
Luis Eduardo García González
1st place
La Lección La Lección
Alejandra Pier Galindo
2nd place
Una Flor Una Flor
Rodrigo Nader Osuna
Honorable Mention


Máscaras de la Corrupción Máscaras de la Corrupción
Eduardo Nila Cortez
Only award
Hoy por ti, mañana por mi Hoy por ti, mañana por mi
Tony Macías
Best Photography
Best Interpretation
Para Celia Para Celia
José Roberto Cárdenas Cárdenas
Best Script
El Ciudadano El Ciudadano
Claudio Alberto Ramírez Álvarez
Honorable Mention
Tenemos Carne Tenemos Carne
Pedro Francisco Juárez Méndez
Honorable Mention


Cobardía Cobardía
Luis Alberto Estrada Gutiérrez,
Paulina Treviño Rivera

1st place
Que al Menos Valgan los Tacos Que al Menos Valgan los Tacos
Gerardo Huizar Contreras
2nd place
El Libro del Bien El Libro del Bien
Héctor David Solís Romero
Best Original Soundtrack
Callejón sin Salida Callejón sin Salida
Manuel Humaran Caro
Best Edition
Selección Natural Selección Natural
Eduardo Zepeda Lozano
Best Short Animated Film
Voces Mudas Voces Mudas
Ana Karen Huerta Sánchez
Honorable Mention
#‎YoEstoyConElRíoSonora‬ #‎YoEstoyConElRíoSonora‬
Ana Lorena Ochoa Arias
Honorable Mention

High School

Una Noche Cualquiera Una Noche Cualquiera
Paulina Pier Galindo
1st place
Máscaras Máscaras
José Eduardo Maravilla Bañuelos
2nd place
Mordida Mordida
Alain Uriarte Beltrán,
Leonardo González Romero

Honorable Mention

Middle School

Cuando sea Grande Cuando sea Grande
Silvia Mariana Reyesvera Quijano
1st place
Ayudas a uno, Ayudas a Todos Ayudas a uno, Ayudas a Todos
Alejandra Pier Galindo
2nd place
Fábrica de Rayas Fábrica de Rayas
Roberto Emilio Vázquez Aguirre
Honorable Mention in Photography
La Tolerancia La Tolerancia
Ana Schroeder Rosso
Honorable Mention

High School and College

Dar Dar
José Luis González Pineda
1st place
La tolerancia genera respeto La tolerancia genera respeto
José Terreros Arroyo
2nd place
No es un cuento No es un cuento
Jaasiel Israel Cantú Colorado
Honorable Mention
El ignorado caso de Eliut Riubardo El ignorado caso de Eliut Riubardo
José Alberto Benavides Vázquez
Best Short Animated Film
Colores de la Tecnología Colores de la Tecnología
Michelle Villarreal Alanís
Honorable Mention
Quijote Quijote
Erick Amauri de León Fuantos
Honorable Mention
Vago Vago
Alain Uriarte
Honorable Mention
Cuarenta y Tres Cuarenta y Tres
Emmanuel Ayala Villegas
Best Interpretation
Voz de un sueño robado Voz de un sueño robado
Saúl Vázquez
Best Script
Quién Eres Quién Eres
Javier Barajas Rodríguez
Honorable Mention
Distropia Distropia
Ana Cecilia Martínez
Best Photography

Middle School

Una Carita Feliz Una Carita Feliz
Ana Paula Villarreal
1st place
Ética Ética
Diana Sofía Pérez Santoyo
2nd place
Los Monos se Expresan Los Monos se Expresan
Cristina Sánchez Villarreal
Honorable Mention
Historias de una Maestra Corrupta Historias de una Maestra Corrupta
Pamela Aurora García Cisneros
Honorable Mention
Alma Alma
Marlon García
1st place
Poli Poli
Jorge Tamayo
2nd place
Cohecho Cohecho
Manuel Escalante
Honorable Mention
Chapulines Chapulines
Gustavo Alonso Cantú
Honorable Mention
Un día de trabajo Un día de trabajo
Santiago Villarreal
Honorable Mention
Escritor de graffiti Escritor de graffiti
Ismael Aguiña
Un buen ejemplo Un buen ejemplo
Claudia Hernández
Riguain Riguain
Cristián González Cerros
1st place
El Aprendiz El Aprendiz
Estefanía Islas Sánchez
2nd place
En serieEn serie
Alma CorruptibleAlma Corruptible
Mi HéroeMi Héroe
Feliz cumpleañosFeliz cumpleaños
1 Día Mas1 Día Mas
El InspectorEl Inspector

Important Dates

The contest opens on the day of its publication, October 1st 2018, and closes on January 31 2019 at the hour 23:49 (Central Time).

The finalist films will be published in the Facebook Page: Líderes Ciudadanos one week before the award ceremony. This way, they may receive votes for the Most Liked on Facebook special award.

Participants will agree on the date and time for the award ceremony.


For more information, call +52 (81)8363-2208 or send an email to [email protected]. You can also consult the webpage or Facebook Page: Líderes Ciudadanos